Land Use Bylaw No. 865 – Consolidation June 12, 2019, is a regulatory document that implements land use policy and regulates the use of land and buildings within the Municipal District of Smoky River No. 130.  Land Use Bylaw 865 was adopted by Municipal Council on June 11, 2014 and amended on June 12, 2019.

A hard copy of the Land Use Bylaw is available at the M.D. Office for $25.00 or can be printed online.

A Land Use Bylaw can be amended/updated through an amendment process either by Council or a ratepayer.  The copy of Bylaw 865 above, includes any amendments to date.  If you want original copies of the bylaw or the amending bylaws contact the Development Officer.

Questions concerning any amendment to the Land Use Bylaw 865, or the application or interpretation of the Land Use Bylaw 865 should be directed to the Development Officer.