Veterinary Services Inc. (V.S.I.) is a cost share program operated by most Peace Region Municipalities, and a few out of the Peace Region.  The program helps cover Veterinary costs for certain veterinarian procedures for cattle, swine and sheep.  The intent is to encourage the use of Veterinarians in the Region so livestock producers can keep their animals healthy, and to assist our producers with the high cost of vet. services.  Any producer of cattle, sheep or swine who wishes to participate in the program must enter into a V.S.I. agreement, at which time the M.D. provides a V.S.I. number unique to that producer.  The M.D. has a set budget to operate the program, and in rare cases if use is too high the M.D. may request reimbursement from the users prorated based on how much they received from the program.  The M.D. has also implemented a cap of $2500 for any VSI participant. The cap was implemented to keep costs under control, and to ensure the program was available to as many producers as possible. The M.D.’s V.S.I. policy can be viewed at the M.D. office.  To apply for a V.S.I. number, contact the Agricultural Fieldman at 780-837-2221 ext. 115 or e-mail:

V.S.I. Eligible Services

General examination

  • Re-visit (to same animal)
  • Clinical therapy
  • Scouring calves exam fee plus _ hr for IV hookup & monitoring

Herd health
Minor surgery
Fertility Evaluation

  • Bull, Boars and Rams
  • Vasectomy
  • Epididyectomy
  • Pregnancy diagnosis

Prolapsed uterus
Prolapsed Vagina or rectum
Retained placenta


  • Surgery
  • Rumenotomy
  • Urethrotomy
  • Eye enucleation
  • Claw amputation
  • Corn removal
  • Other Major surgery per hour

Herd Health means veterinary services in respect only to the following:

  • Reproductive Evaluations
  • Metabolic Diseases
  • Sub-clinical Disease
  • Head Prophylactic measures
  • Clinical therapy
  • Estrus detection (surgically altered animals)

V.S.I. Ineligible Services

Spaying heifers
Embryo transplants
Cosmetic trimming of feet
Meat inspection
Scrotial hernias of swine
Umbilical hernias of swine
Cryptorchids of swine
Insurance Examinations — Mortality
Loss of use Insurance Examination
Insurance Reports
Listed Herds and Dispersal Sales
Shows and Sales
Endorsement Fees
Export Testing Parentage Sampling
Bangs Vaccinations
All Drugs and Medicines
All laboratory fees
All clinical charges for labor, disinfection, utilities, and depreciation
Waiting time
After hours and Holiday Fee