Culverts & Extensions

As per Policy No. 801, the M.D. shall provide one approach not exceeding 12 metres in length to each quarter section at no cost to the landowner.  Extensions can be obtained from the M.D. at the landowner’s expenses.  See the policy for more details.  Requests may be called in or e-mailed to Kevin Cymbaluk, Director of Operations.

Culvert Steaming

If you see a culvert that requires steaming in the M.D. of Smoky River, please report it to Road Forman at 780-837-2221 ext. 106 or the Director of Operations at 780-837-2221 ext. 108.

Ditch Work

Ditch cleaning on private will be provided by the municipality in the event that such work will benefit two or more individuals landowners.  These ditch cleaning projects will be undertaken time permitting.  Prior to commencement of the project, the ditch cleaning agreement (Form 8-F) must be dully signed by the appropriate landowners.  See Policy No. 807 for more details.

Work in Municipal Road Allowance

Any work to be performed in the municipal road allowances by landowners must have prior approval from the Municipality and a hold harmless agreement must be in place.  See Policy No. 811 for more details.


All signs requested by individuals must meet specific standards as outlined in Policy No. 809.  All costs will be borne by the individual requesting it.