The Land Use Bylaw establishes the regulations on how land can be developed (how land can be used, and buildings can be either constructed or moved in) in the Municipal District of Smoky River No. 130. Regulations vary depending on the districts and uses (permitted/discretionary) of development. Municipal, Provincial, and Federal statutes must also be adhered to.

There are several parts of the Land Use Bylaw that need to be examined in order to understand how it applies to an application.  The Land Use maps divide the Municipality into various Land Use Districts. The list of uses in the Land Use Bylaw details what is allowed in each District.  Provisions in each Districts give additional information that applies to uses or certain Districts.

The following steps may assist the user:

Locate the subject property on the Land Use District maps. Take note of which Land Use District the subject property is located in. Also note if the subject property is affected by other statutory documents, which may modify some of the uses and regulations of the Land Use Bylaw or impose additional regulations.

Check the table of contents and locate the Land Use District you are in. Each Land Use District is listed starting in Section 7. In each Land Use District, you will find a list of permitted and discretionary uses, subdivision regulations, development regulations and other miscellaneous regulations. This determines how and what can be developed in any given Land Use District. There are definitions in Section 2 that should also be consulted to ensure that words and terms used in the Land Use Bylaw are understood.

Review the table of contents to see if there are any general regulations that apply to the situation or use in question.

Discuss your proposal or concern with the Development Officer. Municipal staff are well trained and eager to assist you with your development, subdivision or general inquiry issues and to explain procedures.