New Sign for Private Residential Driveway Plowing


The Municipal District of Smoky River No 130 has made changes to Policy #804, “Private Residential Driveway Snowplowing”.  The new policy is effective as of October 14, 2020.

The key revisions are a move to permanent metal signs instead of single-use flags and to limit the policy to private residential driveways only.

Over the years, many municipalities have discontinued use of flags.  In some of cases, such as Birch Hills County, they have cancelled all private driveway plowing services.

Use of signs will be healthier and safer, especially during the pandemic.  The flags are often not sanitary.  There is no requirement to come in to pick up or bring back flags each time service is required.  This reduces contact as the flags will no longer have to be transported in municipal graders.  Payments can be made by credit card.  One initial visit to the MD Office will be required to obtain the sign and endorse a new agreement.  There is no cost for the initial sign.  Replacements will be charged as per the Schedule of Fees Bylaw.  These snowplow signs are to be placed near the primary access to the residence in a visible location.  When service is not required, please remove or flip the sign over.

Moving away from private, non-residential grading reduces liability and allows graders to focus on public roads.

The rate will remain at $35.00 plus GST per 20 minutes (or 400 meters) of service.