In cooperation with Alberta Agriculture, the M.D.’s Agricultural Fieldman is trained to issue predator control mechanisms when livestock predation is occurring.  The M.D. is only authorized to assist in cases of coyote predation as the coyote is listed as a nuisance under the Agricultural Pests Act.  Livestock predation caused by wildlife such as wolves, bear or cougars needs to be dealt with by Fish & Wildlife.

Agricultural producers have the right to control problem coyotes on their property by shooting or destroying dens.  Under the Alberta Agriculture Predator Control program, the expectation is that the Agricultural producer is managing his livestock and taking steps to prevent predation (i.e. proper fencing, guard dogs for sheep).  The intent of the program is not to eradicate coyotes, it is to assist the good livestock manager on the rare occasion that coyote predation occurs despite his best efforts.

Please contact the Agricultural Fieldman by phone at (780) 837-2221 ext 115, or by e-mail for more information or to request assistance with problem coyotes.