The ASB offers an Alberta Agriculture PTO water pump, 1 mile & 1/2 mile pipe trailer within the M.D.  With this co-operative program the M.D. is able to offer the service at a reduced rate to farmers who are able to better utilize the equipment and do more jobs in a shorter time period. In order to do this fairly and efficiently, we urge ratepayers that will need the equipment, to book as soon as possible. If more than 1 mile of pipe or more than one pump is required, bookings will be referred to Alberta Agriculture.  Water pumping equipment must be booked well in advance especially in a dry year as the equipment can be very busy. A rental agreement must be signed.

The rates are:

Equipment Damage Deposit Rental Rate
Pump $200 $200 per day
Pipe 1/2 or 1 mile trailer $150 $150 per day
Pipe (max. 20) $5 per pipe $5 per pipe per day

Bookings can be made by contacting the Agricultural Fieldman by phone at (780) 837-2221, by fax at (780) 837-2453 or by E-mail at