The MD of Smoky River partners with Alberta Agriculture and Irrigation to facilitate the storage of water pumping equipment at the MD Yard in Falher. This equipment, belonging to the Provincial government, is made available for rent through the MD, serving as the liaison for rental arrangements. Each rental to ratepayers incurs a charge, with a portion allocated towards equipment maintenance and program administration.

Recognizing the current water shortage affecting households, farms, and livestock within the MD of Smoky River, the Council has decided to operate the Water Pumping Program for the 2024 season on a cost recovery basis. Under this arrangement, ratepayers can rent the pump and pipe for $200.00 per day. Users are required to provide details regarding the water source, pumping distance, and destination location. It’s important to note that commercial entities are not eligible for equipment rental for commercial purposes.

The MD emphasizes that obtaining a license or temporary diversion license(s) is typically necessary for pumping water from rivers, streams, lakes, and wetlands/sloughs.

For further inquiries or to book the pump and pipe, interested parties are encouraged to contact the MD of Smoky River at 780-837-2221.