MD of Smoky River official results with ballot accounts
Division 1 Tie vote – Winner (Paula) was a drawn from a “hat”
Paula Guindon 96
Donald Gosselin 96
Division 2
Raoul Johnson 37 Incumbent
Ray Desaulniers 30
Division 3
Alain Blanchette 91
Gilles Sylvain 49
Jason Dolhan 28
Division 4
Gilles Roy 43
Karin Scholl 34
Ron Desaulniers 31
Division 5
Robert Brochu 125 Incumbent
Marc Michaud 49
Division 6
Andre Trudeau 48 Incumbent
Jeremie Turcotte 46
Leo Simard 8


Congratulations to all the candidates. The voter turn out was excellent; it was nice to see everyone so excited about the election.
Thank you to all the candidates for putting their name forward and being willing to serve their community. Also, thank you to the retiring Councillors for your years of service, it is appreciated.
One more BIG thank you to all of our election workers! It was a very long day and we couldn’t have done it without you so THANK YOU!!!