Pesticide Applicator Workshop

Continuing Education Credits – 2 All Class, 5 Agriculture, Aerial, 4 Landscape, Industrial, Forestry, Greenhouse, 1 seed treatment

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Virtual Pesticide Applicator Workshop


Here’s what’s planned for 2022

We will probably add to this list, but right now, these events are go. Jamie has her head down lining up great presenters, Shelly will make sure good food is on the table and all our staff are itching to share what they learn in our fields. Our research  and industry partners have things to share at our events too.
Spring is in the air! (and shed about the house by various pets) It’s almost GO TIME (as Mike would say). Innovation is hard and about long-term results. We invite anyone interested in agriculture innovation to work with us and together we can change the way people farm.
Get yourself ready to take advantage of all the insight we can offer before you get too busy with summer.