As official fall start in 8 days – here is fact sheet about helping trees for fall and winter.. Few things

  • Fall is very dry and watering trees are crucial for root survival and healthy during cold winter – please see this video how Soil Drought effect watering
  • Soil dryness create cracks that during winter time cold air enter it and kill the trees. Tree winter kill is very common and you send me photos of trees that are dead in spring while there were healthy in previous summer and fall.. It is this soil dryness in fall one of the cause for tree morality
  • Wood Chips is best friend for protecting roots
  • Rake and remove tree leaves if you know they are infested by Bronze Leave Disease, Melanspora Leaf Rust and other disease – OTHERWISE keep leaves as mulch
  • You can prune ONLY dead and broken branches – DO NOT PRUNE IN FALL – especially fruit trees

Fall Tree Watering- Final Toso Bozic

Preparing trees for winter.docx