Winter has finally graced us with its presence.  Due to the amount of snow we have accumulated and the current forecast, please know that all of our graders are out in their beats.

Policy #804 – Snow Removal/Residential Driveways, states the following under “Procedure # 9 – “The plowing (of private residential driveways) will be done only when it is convenient for the M.D. to do so.  After the most recent snow fall event has ended, it could take (up to) 7 days or more before driveways are plowed.  If immediate plowing is required, the owner/occupant will have to seek other options to have the snow removed.  The M.D.’s priority and primary responsibility is public roads as outlined in “Road Maintenance Policy #810”.

Also be aware that policy #804 has been updated as of October 8, 2020.  If you have not picked up your designated sign for driveways please come into the office to sign the new agreement and pick up your sign.  We no longer have flags available and outstanding flags can be returned for a refund.

Thank you and safe travels.