For Landowners, about their relationship and concerns involving hunters on their land

The ACA is looking for input from landowners so that practical steps—improving the situation for both hunters and landowners—can be put into motion. In collaboration with researchers at the University of Alberta and the University of Waterloo, ACA developed a short, voluntary online landowner survey. Landowners can answer questions about their property, the number of hunting requests they receive, how many hunters they say yes to, and the factors they consider when allowing or denying access. We want to hear your thoughts on what’s working, and what could be done better.

ACA will publicly share survey results to provide open discussion, input, and collaboration. While we don’t advocate for or directly influence legislation, we value all stakeholder relationships across Alberta’s agriculture industry and the conservation and hunting communities. We think this is the first step in encouraging all groups to work together for the benefit of conservation.

Are you a landowner willing to contribute?  The survey will be open until Feb. 16th
Here is information about the survey and a link to the survey:
Hunter Recruitment and the Landowner Link – ACA (