Utilities Officer: David Gervais
(780) 837-2221  ext: 106

Water and Sewer Services
Water and sewer services are provided to residents of the hamlets of Guy and Jean Cote. The Smoky River Water Coop has supplied water to the two hamlets since November 2000. Residents of the M.D. that do not reside in the hamlets are encouraged to contact the Water Coop if they have any questions or are interested in signing up for services.

Smoky River Water Coop
Gerry Noel, Chair
(780) 925-2364

Richard Veraart, Vice
(780) 837-8167

Rita Maure, Sec-Tres
(780) 324-2124

Claude Sirois, Director
(780) 324-2261

Gilbert Valiquette, Director
(780) 324-2163

Marcus Sheane, Director
(780) 523-1976

Yvon Aubin, Director
(780) 837-0407

Tracy Prellwitz, Director
(780) 837-8008

Andre Trudeau, Director
(780) 322-2155

Hamlet Rates 
$5.15 per cubic metre
Sewer Flat rate: $25.00/billing
Distribution Maintenance Flat rate: $30.00/billing

Interest on unpaid accounts: 1.5% per month

*The above rates are bi-monthly rates.

Please refer to Bylaw Fee Schedule for more information on various rates and penalties charged to users of the services.

Treated and Raw Water

Truck Fill Water Rates
Treated Water: $5.65 per cubic meter
Raw Water: $3.00 per cubic meter

Treated and raw water is also available directly from the water treatment facilities located in the hamlets at the following rates:

One loonie or token would purchase approximately 75 gallons of treated water or 133 gallons of raw water.

Tokens may be purchased at the M.D. office. A receipt can be issued for these purchases.

A bulk water account can also be set up at the M.D. office by signing an agreement and getting a pin & access number.  Invoices are sent out bimonthly.