Rita Therriault

Chief Administrative Officer

Phone: 780-837-2221 ext.103
Email: rtherriault@mdsmokyriver.com

Kevin Cymbaluk

Director of Operations

Phone: 780-837-2221 ext. 108
Email: kcymbaluk@mdsmokyriver.com

Normand Boulet

Director of Agricultural Services

Phone: 780-837-2221 ext. 115
Email: asb@mdsmokyriver.com

Denis Faucher

Shop Foreman

Phone: 780-837-2623
Email: dfaucher@mdsmokyriver.com

Kristine Girard

Municipal Clerk

Phone: 780-837-2221 ext. 102
Email: kgirard@mdsmokyriver.com

Marcel Maure

Director of Protective Services/Fire Chief

Phone: 780-837-0911
Email: firechief@mdsmokyriver.com

Dave Gervais

Road Foreman/Development Officer

Phone: 780-837-2221 ext. 106
Email: dgervais@mdsmokyriver.com

Saidi Assumani

Infrastructure Coordinator

Phone: 780-837-2221 ext. 116
Email: sassumani@mdsmokyriver.com

Lynn Skrepnek

Municipal Clerk

Position: Payroll/Tax Clerk

Phone: 780-837-2221 ext. 101
Email: lskrepnek@mdsmokyriver.com

Kayla Bartel

Municipal Clerk

Position: Accounts Payable/Receivable

Phone: 780-837-2221 ext. 123
Email: kbartel@mdsmokyriver.com